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Castle Hill Terraces buys bikes to carry groceries from Whole Foods is a local realtor at Prudential Texas Realty. I’m looking at Castle Hill Terraces resident bikes. They have a 2-bedroom and large loft available as a residential loft and is zoned live/work. All of the units have views of downtown Austin and the capital. Its like living in downtown without the expense of downtown living.

I spoke with Blain and Guy England about the purchase. Blain tells me that he feels its little things like this help the community by encouraging the homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint. “You try lugging 3 bags from Whole Foods only a few short blocks away” says one person familiar with the project. There are no problems now. It’s even encouraged the homeowners who didn’t already have a bike to use other Austin parks .

Great job Austin Terraces! This is just first rate. Click here to search for downtown Austin Condos click here

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